1. What is the Hillcat Card?  Top

The Hillcat Card is the official identification card for Rogers State University. It is the one card for door access, facilities entrance, athletic event entrance, as well as Stored Value account access. All currently enrolled students must have an RSU Hillcat Card which will be issued the first semester of enrollment and will be used as long as the student is actively pursuing a degree at Rogers State University. All faculty and staff must also have an RSU Hillcat Card which will be issued at time of employment.

2. What does the Hillcat Card cost and where do I go to get one?  Top

The Hillcat Card is free for the initial card and $20 for replacements. The Hillcat Card office is located at:

Hillcat Card Office
Markham Hall, Room 206
1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd.
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 343-6884

3. Who is eligible to get a Hillcat Card?  Top

All Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible to receive a Hillcat Card. Students must be enrolled at the University and faculty and staff must be currently employed.

4. What do I need to present to get a Hillcat Card?  Top

The student must present their current class schedule and a government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Military ID card, passport, etc.) before a card will be issued.

Faculty and staff must present a photo ID before a card will be issued.

5. Do I need to get a new Hillcat Card each semester?   Top

No. Your card is valid as long as you are currently enrolled or employed. In the case of a name change, number change, or status change (ie, student to staff), simply bring in the old card and a new card will be printed for you, with the new information on it, at no charge.

6. What are Hillcat Card Stored Value Accounts?  Top

The Hillcat card may be used to purchase products or services at locations accepting the card as payment, providing funds have been deposited and are available in the account. Your Hillcat Card is not a credit card. You must first have funds deposited into a Stored Value Account before you can use the card to purchase items at locations which accept the Hillcat Card. Below are the types of Stored Value Accounts and detail of their use:

  • Cat Cash: Cat Cash is allowed to be used by faculty, staff and enrolled students. Deposits can be made to your Cat Cash account at the Bursar’s Office or online at https://rsu-sp.blackboard.com/eaccounts. Cat Cash can be used to purchase items at Food Services locations, laundry service in University Village B and copier service at the Library.
  • Flex Dollars: Each semester, Flex Dollars in the amount defined in the housing contract are added to residents' cards in University Housing as part of their meal plan. Flex Dollars are only available for purchases in the Hillcat Hut by University Housing residents. When a student exhausts their Flex Dollars balance, they may add additional value to their card in the form of Cat Cash.  

7. Can I withdraw cash from my Hillcat Card Account whenever I want to?   Top

No. Funds on the card are only allowed to be used for their initial purpose, mainly food purchases. Balances are non-refundable.

8. How can I put money into my Hillcat Card Account?   Top

There are a variety of ways to add money. You can go the Bursar’s Office where cash, check or credit card is accepted. The Online Card Office at https://rsu-sp.blackboard.com/eaccounts accepts credit card transactions only.

9. What if I lose my Hillcat Card?   Top

To prevent the unauthorized use of your card you should notify the Card Office as soon as possible. This is especially important should you have funds in a Hillcat Card account. Your card can be frozen which will prevent your card from being used. You can also go to the https://rsu-sp.blackboard.com/eaccounts web site to deactivate the card yourself. Should you then find your card, you can present it to the Card Office to have it reactivated or visit the Online Card Office and reactivate it online.

10. What are the benefits of using the Hillcat Card?  Top

It is important that you carry your Hillcat Card whenever you are on campus. You will need it to utilize a variety of services across campus, including the following:

  • Use your Hillcat Card as a prepaid debit card for campus purchases including: meals, laundry room and copier services.
  • The RSU Bookstore will require presentation of your Hillcat Card in order to purchase books and supplies.
  • Use your Hillcat Card to check out resources in the Stratton Taylor Library. Without it, you won’t have access to books, movies, and more.
  • Hillcat athletic events are free to RSU students but you will need your Hillcat Card to gain access.
  • As an RSU student and full-time employee, you have a free membership to the Claremore REC Center. Your card must be presented to activate your membership and gain access to the facility.
  • The Hillcat Card provides access to secured areas around campus.

There are also discounts offered by off-campus merchants to students, faculty and staff when they present their ID cards.

11. How can I find out the balance or transaction history of my Hillcat Card Account?   Top

At most locations the available balance is shown whenever you use your Hillcat Card Account. At most of the food establishments on campus, you can ask them to provide your balance (there is a balance inquiry capability on most of the machines). You can also go to the Card Office in Markham Hall and get a printout of the balance and transaction history. In addition, Hillcat Card Account balances and a transaction history can be obtained at the https://rsu-sp.blackboard.com/eaccounts web site.

12. What happens to the money in my Hillcat Card Account at the end of the semester?  Top


  • End of Fall Semester: Cat Cash will remain valid after the end of the Fall Semester if the student is enrolled for the Spring Semester. If the student is not enrolled in the Spring Semester, the card will be inactivated, and balances forfeited, as of the last day of the Spring Semester add/drop period. Review the housing contract for meal plan and Flex Dollar forfeiture information. 
  • End of Spring Semester: Cat Cash balances will remain valid after the end of the Spring Semester if the student is enrolled for the Fall Semester. If the student is not enrolled in the Fall Semester, the card will be inactivated, and balances forfeited, as of the last day of the Fall Semester add/drop period. All meal plans are forfeited as of the last day of the Spring Semester. 

Faculty & Staff:

  • Cat Cash balances on these cards will remain valid until separation of employment from the University. Upon separation of employment, any remaining balance will be forfeited as of the last day of the calendar month following the month of separation.

13. What do I do if my Hillcat Card becomes damaged or broken?   Top

The magnetic stripe on the card may become worn or scratched, which may render it unreadable. In that case, a free reprint of the card can be obtained at the Card Office. If, through normal wear and tear of the card, it becomes faded or broken, then the Card Office will replace the card free of charge. Obvious abuse of the card will result in a $20.00 replacement fee.

14. Is it OK to punch a hole in the card to make it so that I can put it on my key-ring?  Top

Do not punch a hole in the card! Keep the card away from devices that may clear the encoding on the magnetic stripe. Putting the card on your key-ring may scratch the magnetic stripe of the card, and that could render it unreadable.

15. Can I let a friend use my card?  Top

Do not let a friend or family member borrow your card. The card may be confiscated and/or a criminal or academic misconduct incident may be filed against the borrower and/or you.

16. Can my parents or family members add money to my Hillcat Card Account from home?  Top

A check with a note stating the payment is for Cat Cash, including the student’s ID number, may be sent to the Office of the Bursar at:

Rogers State University
Office of the Bursar
1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd.
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 343-7558

A credit card transaction to add funds to your Hillcat Card account may also be processed on the https://rsu-sp.blackboard.com/eaccounts web site by utilizing the guest deposit feature. You may also contact the Office of the Bursar by phone to process a credit card transaction.

17. Where is the Hillcat Card Office located?  Top

On the Claremore Campus, the Hillcat Card Office is located in Markham Hall, Room 206 (next to the Office of the Bursar). ID Cards may also be printed at the Bartlesville Campus in the Enrollment Center on the first floor.

18. How can I contact the Hillcat Card Office?  Top

The Hillcat Card Office phone number is (918) 343-6884. Hours of operation are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. You may also email the Card Office at hillcatcard@rsu.edu.